Feb 21, 2024
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One of the biggest challenges while planning a special event is knowing what else is going on that day and choosing a date: Is there a major sporting event that day? Is there a special worship service that day? What other major events are happening in the community? Short of spending the day making phone calls, figuring out if there is another event competing for attention can be very difficult and time consuming.
The Solution...
A community calendar is one of the best ways to help keep the community connected! This helpful tool is not only for those who plan the events, but also for people in the community wanting to get involved and trying to find out what's going on everyday.
The community in St. Charles, MO immediately embraced the first Community Calendar. Once the word started to get around, businesses, churches, community groups, professional organizations, concert and fair promoters hurried to get their events posted on the calendar website. People in the community learned of the calendar and the unique service it provided. Traffic on the site quickly grew to an average 3500 hits per day and now averages more than 10,000 hits per day! Event listings have been known to hit highs of 120 postings per day! Major businesses and organization in the community began to take notice, expressing interesting in supporting the site through sponsorships and advertising.
Before long, the Community Calendar was adopted outside of St. Charles, spreading to counties and regions all over the St. Louis Metropolitan area, and earning the praise of community leaders, government officials, business leaders and residents of the community who continue to help each calendar and community grow. Today, the St. Louis regional Community Calendar site is sponsored and funded by major newspapers, local network affiliate TV stations, local journals and radio stations. Businesses and organizations of all types support the Community Calendar, which now averages over 24,000 hits per day!
And now, the Community Calendar concept is being taken beyond the St. Louis area. Using a centralized site, CommunityCalendars.net users across the nation and around the world will be able to find their own regional or community calendar, or that of a city they plan to visit FREE.
If your community currently has no official, recognized calendar or none as good as this design you can license the CommunityCalendars.net web application and set it up for your area in just a few days. You get all the functionality, quality, and ease of use as the original site - all for your community. From the centralized CommunityCalendars.net site your site will be linked, so users from anywhere and everywhere can learn more about what's going on in your community!
Licenses are sold by market, and licensed sites become the exclusive site in the CommunityCalendars.net network for that market. Initial investment is minimal and time commitment is flexible. What a great home-based business opportunity! If you are committed to your community, want to provide a great service through the calendar, and like the idea of soliciting sponsorships and advertisements for your site, you can build a successful business with great income opportunity! Contact us to find out how!
To see an active site visit www.STLCalendar.com.
How It Works:
Each Community Calendar is a dynamic, interactive website that allows users to search for events by month, up to 18 months in advance, and by category, 21 options total ranging from Kid Stuff to Business and Night Life. Anything and everything a user would be interested in doing is listed on the site! Click here to find the Community Calendar for your area.
Have an out-of-town relative coming for a visit next month?
Pull up that month's calendar, pick your category of interest, and choose an event! Categories of events include:
• Community Events • Sports and Recreation
• Kid Stuff • Teen Town
• Religion and Worship • Business
• Festivals and Amusement • Health and Wellness
• Golf Events • Educational Lectures
• Governmental Meetings and Events • Music and Art
• School Stuff • Meetings
• Seniors • Other
• Night Life • Galas/Fundraisers
• Garage Sales • Support Groups
• Volunteer  
Have a special event to publicize? - Click Here for a sample
Click on the "Add Your Event" button. You'll get a simple, online form to submit all of the information about your event. Click "Submit", and your posting will be live within 24 hours after the local site adminstrator reviews the event to maintain the integrity of the site. It's that easy � and it's FREE! Plus, it's just as easy for a user to register for your event online, and even print driving directions. No wonder use of the Community Calendars is so popular!
Have a business event to plan? - Click Here for a sample
Check out the Community Calendar first. You can see what else is planned, up to 18 months in advance, for the dates you're considering. What a great way to avoid scheduling conflicts with your target audience!
Who else can benefit from a CommunityCalendar?
Media Users | Church Users | School Users
Media users (newspaper, radio, television and more!)
As a newspaper publisher, radio station, television station or other media provider you know the challenges of keeping up with all of the events submitted to you through press releases and other methods. If you are looking for a smart, efficient and attractive web based solution as an additional resource for your users, we have a solution for you!
Now, you can license a great web based calendar application and...
• Have placement for additional ad revenue.
• Package new Internet advertising opportunities with your current advertising opportunities for a great marketing mix!
• Provide a great resource for your community.
• Drive traffic to your website by being a part of a network of calendar sites.
• Become THE one-stop source for all event information for your community.
• Allow users to add events on-line and reduce your staff data entry time.
• Support economic development/ business recruitment activities.
• Assist with local tourism efforts and MORE!
Features Include
• 18-month window of calendars
• Menu of 22 or more calendar categories (customizable)
• Easy to use "Add Event" feature
• "HOT EVENTS" section to highlight events
• Event evaluation form
• Event reminders
• Site evaluation form
• On-line event registration process
• Digital image capability both on the home page and in event description
• Customizable directories
• Sponsorship/Advertising opportunities
• Guest book feature
• Contact Us page
• Comprehensive search engine
• Link to other local calendars
• Opt-in email to receive daily or weekly event listings
• "Send event or site to a friend" form
• site stats page for event calendar pages and each banner ad
• transfer data to print format easily
• Site tour to maximize guest use of site features (available in several languages)
Church users
We believe you will find that YourChurchCommunicator.org is a tool that will naturally activate more members into the life of the church and create more communication, care and ministry among the lay members.
Our product provides "communications-central" for your church.
Your new web based product is a unique multi-faceted program that includes CalendarManager, ChurchManager and MemberManager all of which are integrated into one live, online program. YourChurchCommunicator allows you to make much of the church information and management less dependent upon your church office hours and location.
YourChurchCommunicator will benefit members and staff. Events and activities can now be submitted for approval and posting on the official church calendar any day, any time of the day. Members will be able to access up-to-date activity information from home or work.
Ministry groups and committees can now do much of their planning and communication online. Securing event and date approval, reserving space and resources can now be done through YourChurchCommunicator.
Communications from the Church Office and Staff can now be quicker, easier and much less expensive. Committees and ministries are able to use these same resources of YourChurchCommunicator, which will make their tasks less difficult.
Your church office and staff can now begin to manage all your membership, visitor and staff information using YourChurchCommunicator. This information will be available to them when and where they need it.
It is a secure information system. You have password protection as needed to ensure that member and ministry information is accessible only to those needing the information for your church purposes.
What exactly is YourChurchCommunicator?
YourChurchCommunicator is an online interactive program designed to be "communications-central" for today's church. It is 3 key information management systems integrated into 1 information base. The 3 "Managers" are:
• An online master calendar accessible 24/7 to the whole church but controlled by staff.
• A "live" calendar where events can be submitted, approved and added anytime.
• Individual group calendars for every ministry group in your church.
• Customized registration, planning, evaluation and communication.
• Busy members and staff can communicate as their schedule dictates and at their convenience.
• "Newsletter" feature lets you send easily prepared messages or attach your own PDF message or bulletin and send it to your people's email-box.
• Customizable and unlimited number of directories available in "Directory".
• Create as many directories as you want with the information you want in each directory.
  - Room or venue location and resources request incorporated into Add Event.
  - Double-booking a room or resource can be avoided. Staff can all know who is where and when.
• VISITOR Manager.
  - Record visitors and information.
  - Customize your visitor follow-up program.
  - Use for outreach and special church events.
  - Assimilate visitors into membership and ministries.
• STAFF Manager.
  - Information and communication base for staff and employees.
  - Communicate 24/7. Do a Staff & Employee Newsletter.
  - Memos, Policies, Vacations, New staff, Reminders, Recognitions, Employee family highlight...
  - Staff & Employee information. Emergency contact and #, family information...
• Customizable to collect the information you want.
• Database able to search for the specific information and people you want.
• Members can submit their profile information online.
• Email addresses of those who sign the Guest Book are automatically added to database for future communication and special event notices.
• Survey members online.
• Professionally maintained service by CommunityCalendars.net professionals 24/7.
• Site traffic statistics available online, anytime to your site administrator.
• Future upgrades and added features at no additional cost. Connect now and lock in your costs.
• YOURChurchCommunicator will be part of the CommunityCalendars.net growing network.
• Get connected and communicate.
Communication • Coordination • Collaboration
YourChurchCommunicator helps your church communicate!
School users
A Communication Tool
A Centralized, Comprehensive Calendar
A parental involvement, parent - teacher communication tool.
A Fundraising Tool!
Features and Benefits
• An online master school calendar
- The master school calendar is online and accessible 24/7 to the whole school.
- The calendar is still controlled by the school office.
- Days, times and locations of all activities are still approved by the school office.
• It is a user-friendly communication tool for a busy school and busy parents.
- Parents can check the master school calendar anytime.
- Members and committees can plan events without conflicts.
- Members and committees can submit activities online for approval and posting.
- Parents don't have to call or visit the school office during office hours to schedule events.
- Busy, working parents can communicate and access information when it fits in their schedule and when convenient.
- Allows time flexibility for office staff to approve and schedule events.
- Parents, Committees and the school office can more easily communicate.
- "Add Event" feature is easy to use.
- "HOT EVENTS" highlights your key events.
- "Contact Us" allows anyone online to communicate with the school office.
- Users can sign up to receive events listings automatically on a daily or weekly basis.
- Users can sign up to receive reminders about events.
• It is a versatile communication tool for a large school.
- There is a master school calendar that lists every school activity and event.
- There are 20 (or more) sub-group calendars (categories) determined by the school. i.e. by grade, curriculum, PTO, etc.
- A customizable online registration form is provided for easy sign-up for events.
- An online event evaluation form provides staff with feedback.
- A guest book feature is provided for visitors to sign and receive information.
- Members can be notified by email automatically of specific events they select.
- Email addresses are collected automatically and added to the email address book.
- Digital pictures can be easily added.
- Cancelled! or changed events notice can be posted and also emailed to a newsletter group.
- School closings (snow days) can be posted immediately for easy and timely access!
• It is a news and newsletter delivery vehicle.
- The weekly and monthly newsletters can automatically be sent to every member that has an email address. Saving print & postage.
- Important, dated information can be quickly emailed through the Newsletter feature.
- School groups can use the Newsletter feature to communicate with their members.
- The Newsletter feature can be used creatively as an outreach and communication tool with community businesses, libraries and schools about upcoming events.
• It is a multi-faceted Directory database.
Directories can be customized as you wish. The Directories are easily updated to remain current. The Directories provide school members the ability to easily communicate about meetings, activities, assignments and more.
You decide, so Directory options are limitless. One directory may be sports teams, coaches, team players and phone numbers. Other directories may be the PTO, band parents or choir parents.
• It is a professionally maintained service that is a component of your website.
- It does NOT replace or affect your current website.
- It does not use your Internet server or information storage space.
- There is no extra cost as Calendar features are improved or added.
• It provides the opportunity to generate revenue.
• Optional add on feature for Student Progress Reports
- Provides easy to use method of communication between parents and teachers.
- Provides mechanism to encourage or allow more parental involvement.

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